Float or sink? Let's try...

Form 1 made predictions about whether objects would float or sink, and then put them to the test.

This week has seen the children continue on their journey to learn about different forms of transport. We have had fun looking at all the different ways one can travel on or in water, including the suggestion of travelling on water skis.  

While discussing water, the conversation turned to the question of the Loch Ness Monster. This proved to be a great learning opportunity to discuss how people’s opinions could differ and how important it was to respect each other’s points of views. We decided that a good phrase to use when a discussion could not be resolved was “We agree to differ!”.

When it comes to matters of science and experimentation, I think the children were pleased to be able to use real evidence to decide whether something was true or not. On the theme of water the children worked with a partner to choose a variety of items to see if they floated or if they sunk. 

The children enjoyed making predictions and then testing their theories.  Although everything got a tad soggy, the children used their skills of sorting, which we have been practising in maths, to put the objects into two categories. 

It was interesting to see how their theories began to change once their results were found, such as the idea that if something was small it would float. They began to realise that weight and shape affected whether things would float or sink. As always, actually doing something proved to be the best way to learn, rather than watching or talking about it happening. They were also thrilled to record their results by each of them taking a photo of the evidence using the class ipad.

And finally, I couldn't resist sharing this picture of some members of Form 1 at the start of their tap dance club. Have a lovely half term!