We love superheroes!

It's been a super week in Nursery.

The children have been super helpful and super kind this week when they took on their very own super powers! They designed superhero capes which they wore to fly around the garden! They have been drawing their own superheroes as well as dressing up in favourite costumes and gloves.

They took on roles as doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers as they learnt about people who help us. Lava shooters were made from the Stickle Bricks which shot out lava balls to keep the 'baddies' away! 

The children did super cutting and snipping around a heart shape which they decorated with lots of sticky glue and hearts to share with everyone they love on Valentines Day. We even made scrummy heart-shaped shortbread biscuits - and we hope they were shared too!

In Music, the children were lucky enough to listen to Form 7 boys playing their clarinets, including the well-known theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark. They were able to sing along to favourite songs from Elephants Have Wrinkles and Skinny Malinky. Some children had a really good try at blowing the reed to make a sound - a lot of puff was needed!

The children have also enjoyed the lovely spring sunshine - long may it last! We wish you a very happy and hopefully sunny half term holiday.