Form 5 to the rescue!

Can Form 5 solve the mystery of the missing stopwatches?

This week Form 5 helped Mrs Carn solve the mystery of the missing stopwatches. On the last day before half term, a teacher had borrowed the Science stopwatches and left a note. Unfortunately, the note had become wet and the ink had run.

Luckily Form 5 knew an investigative technique to solve the puzzle - chromatography. 

Mrs Carn had collected pens from the likely suspects' desks. The pupils then marked their chromatography paper with one of these pens. They carefully suspended the paper in a little water so the tip of the paper was just in the water. Then they waited. 

The colours separated and the patterns were matched to each other and to the sample.

The Borrower was Mr Trigger, who has promised to return the stopwatches by Thursday! Thanks to Form 5, Mrs Carn's practical lessons are saved. Phew!