From cacti to cooking

Children in Transition have transformed from vets into scientists over the half term break!

Our new science focus has seen us returning to school asking lots of questions that begin with, 'Why?' and 'I wonder what will happen if.....?', as we have become engaged in a wide range of activities and 'experiments' in the classroom.

We started the week by placing sticks of celery into different coloured containers of water. Jugs and pipettes were the order of the day as we learned lots of new scientific terminology and we began wondering what might happen next. As the week progressed, we have been observing the changes, but as can often be the case in science, ... nothing much has happened so far..., other than wilting celery! However, the main thing has been that we have been learning to think about what might happen and to look closely for anything happening.

With our focus letter sound this week being 'c', we have had the perfect opportunity to get involved in the science of cooking. We observed how the creamy mixture, when cooked, expanded into appetising fairy cakes and we enjoyed smelling the tantalising aroma filling our classroom too! Lots of thought afterwards went into working out which of the ingredients had made our cakes rise. 

As one of our Circle Time discussions prior to half term had touched on the subject of cacti, Mrs Nelson and I amassed our collection of cacti this week for the children to observe. They were enthralled to use the magnifying glasses to allow them to get 'up close and personal' and really look at the different textures and properties of these interesting plants, whilst keeping themselves safe. It was lovely to hear the children commenting on the differences in shape and size, just like real scientists! 

Decorating unwanted cds with pretty sequins, with which to brighten our windows and garden, was an activity enjoyed by all. The delightful results have provided lots of opportunities for the children to experience some amazing light patterns, as the discs twirl gracefully in the sunlight. We plan to round off the week with another exciting experiment, as we shall attempt to grow our own crystals.

It will be magnifying glasses and clipboards at the ready next week, so be sure to read about whether we have been successful! Naturally, all of our experiences this week have been language-rich as they have provided lots of opportunities to explore new vocabulary. 

The incredible weather really has provided the icing on the cake for exploring and enjoying our wonderful new play area outside too. What a super, scientific week, Transition!