Entrepreneurs of the future!

Form 1 have been setting up shop in the most unlikely places!

With such wonderful weather Form 1 have grabbed every possible moment to take our learning outside.

Sometimes it involved teacher initiated learning, such as when I used hoops, sticks and shells to help the children see how numbers can be made up of two smaller numbers put together. They applied this understanding, scaled down for working indoors, and used whiteboards to write their own number sentences.

We also had lots of fun planting seeds which we hope will spring up quickly with the recent warm days.

So much other learning took place outside in the afternoons through their own investigation and experimentation while being scaffolded by teachers. Sand pies were mixed, ‘cooked’ and cut into portions which involved a lot of maths and understanding of the structure of materials (without the children even realising!)

In the water tray, everyday utensils and containers were used to make ‘hand washes’ and ‘potions’ which they then went on to sell. Again this involved the mathematics of volume, size and a wonderful use of imagination.

Gutters, pipes and planks were used to build paths and tracks for cars whilst increasing their understanding of physics and construction skills. More mathematics was also involved when they found they could use a piece of wood to compare their height with each other.

Then of course a cardboard box (or was it a boat, a car or a house?) was found to be a great place to sit and chat. Although, due to supply and demand, it was ultimately turned into a shop for selling cars to shoot down the newly built ramps. Entrepreneurs of the future!