The hat of wisdom...

Form 6 took inspiration from an online masterclass to come up with fascinating story ideas.

This week we are celebrating success in on the tennis court for two members of the class. These two sportsmen competed in the doubles competition and won the Sevenoaks Schools Tennis Cup.

We also have talent in the field of ICT and in particular coding. In assembly we saw several games created by children in Forms 6 and 7. Pictured above is the creator of Beetle Attack playing his own game, complete with moving graphics and sounds. Other children in the school have been invited to play the game to see how high they can get the score.

For yet another non-stop Book Week, this week Form 6 took part in an online 'masterclass' with author and illustrator Alex T. Smith. He talked about how he takes inspiration from even the most mundane things around him, shaping these everyday experiences and objects into something creative.

The children had a go at this in the classroom, looking at a variety of objects, emotions and colours and writing down snippets of ideas as they occurred to them.

We talked about how many authors carry a notebook filled with jottings, doodles and notes, most of which remain as such until the perfect story occurs to them to accommodate these isolated ideas.

The imagination the children showed was wonderful: we had clogs inspiring an idea about a leprechaun who lives in a windmill; the hat of wisdom and the cat of truth; a notion for a Dutch sea-battle; a talking cat and a carnivorous gingerbread man.

After all of those story sparks, it was just a matter of planning and writing a cohesive story. What phenomenal imaginations these children have!

Their imaginations were also vividly on display on World Book Day when they dressed up as book characters including Fantastic Mr Fox, James Bond, Mary Poppins, Wally, General Harrison and, of course, several Harry Potters to mention just a few.