Our magic hats

What an amazing week Form 1 have had with all things bookish!

I think Book Week highlights to the children all the many things that books can bring and to realise how lucky they are to have access to so many varied books both at school and at home. They have certainly had great fun this week becoming involved in all things bookish.

As always, dressing up for Book Day is such fun for everyone. The fun started on Monday though when they became very involved in making a book about Jack and the Beanstalk by sequencing some pictures and then writing the text all by themselves, just like an author!

As you can see from the photo they were also very excited indeed to receive their very own book from the Booktrust. Making special bookmarks gave us the perfect excuse to get out the ‘sparklies’ which they used so carefully to decorate their creations.

Our visit from a real live author and illustrator, Sophy Henn, was a delight for the children who listened to many of her stories and followed her instructions carefully to create the most amazing drawings of their very own. Having been inspired last week by one of her books about a magic hat that helped a rabbit realise he could do anything if he tried, the children were excited to make their own magic hats which they wore to meet our visitor. They learnt that even when the rabbit lost the hat he still managed to do anything because the magic was in fact inside him and not in the hat. Just like in every single child!

P.S. I just had to add a photo of children in our Motorway Café having a grand time as a waiter taking an order from a customer making a bit of their own magic!