Sharing stories

Form 7 have been inspiring, sharing and telling stories this week.

Book Week has been a busy one and Form 7 have enjoyed 'sharing a story' in a variety of ways. Having made story cubes a few weeks ago, the pupils were excited to visit Forms 2 and 3 to help them to write some stories.

They worked in small groups and, using the story cubes as inspiration, wrote and illustrated short stories. The children worked so well together and the Form 7 pupils really worked hard to expand the vocabulary and storytelling skills of the younger pupils. What an enjoyable morning!

Book Day itself was as colourful and creative as ever and I am always heartened to see the Form 7s, so near now to the end of their Russell House journey, still enthusiastic and inspired by these events.

The class have also had fun taking an online 'masterclass' from author Frank Cottrell Boyce, learning about telling stories through words and pictures. They were inspired to create canine characters with a dream and which even wear clothes!

Science Week is next week and we look forward to learning about the journey of a banana from a variety of perspectives.