Going bananas for science

Form 3 have enjoyed Science Week based on the theme of the journey of a banana.

We began the week by identifying some of the countries that export bananas to the UK and the mode of transport used to to ship the cargo. The children estimated the distance between some of the exporting countries such as Brazil and the Dominican Republic and the UK.

They were surprised and interested to discover that a banana travels thousands of miles. Form 3 then presented the data they had gathered on a bar chart, interpreted the results and even thought of their own questions that could be answered by looking at the charts.

In Humanities, the children continued to develop their map skills and identified banana exporting countries on a world map. They identified that bananas are produced in countries with warm climates and are transported over vast distances to reach our supermarkets.

We continued the theme of transport and journeys when investigating the amount of time a paper aeroplane, paper glider and paper helicopter could remain airborne. The children worked well in small teams to build their aircraft and recorded the time each aircraft stayed in the air using stopwatches.

Form 3 then discussed how the shape of an aircraft’s wings and the power of the engines enables an aeroplane to maintain motion through the air.