Banana sandwiches and windy days!

It's been a windy week in the Robins.

The wind blew and yet Robins still went out on our adventures. The wind had blown our garden about, leaving the house and cars strewn across our garden. We all helped out and put our house and cars back in the correct place. What a mess! We went up to the Russell Hall and listened to the Chamber Choir singing the songs they had performed at the Arts Festival on Saturday.

The weather has kept us from going out a little bit but we've been busy indoors! We have been making spring chicks and watched our own friendly robin eating worms from our window feeder. We have listened to bird song and have been painting a special Easter tree for our birds.

We had some family visitors during Grandparents Morning on Wednesday and we've also been playing our own part in Science Week. The theme was related to bananas and transport and our Robins peeled their own bananas and enjoyed banana sandwiches. We also read a new book called Banana which was all about manners.

Our broad beans headed home this week, so please put them in some soil and keep them watered.