We extracted DNA from a banana

Form 5 have been delving into the science of bananas.

On Monday Form 5 extracted DNA from bananas.  First they mashed up the bananas. Then they added hot water, salt and washing up liquid and filtered the result. That took a while. Once they had their 'banana juice', they carefully added a layer of really cold alcohol. It was possible to see the DNA as a cloudy ring sitting between the two layers.

On Tuesday Form 5 looked at how bananas were transported from South America to the UK by chilled freighter. They briefly discussed the idea that it might be more efficient to fly the bananas over as it would be quicker and therefore they would have to chilled for far less time. Would it reduce their carbon footprint and so their impact on Global Warming?

Form 5 are learning about friction so the children made three different types of aircraft to investigate how their shapes affected the distance they flew. The paper aeroplanes travelled the furthest at 9m. They might have travelled further, if it hadn't been for a wall!

It's also been a busy week for Form 5 in the build up to the end of term play. Rehearsals have been ongoing and the children are polishing their performances ready for the whole school dress rehearsal on Tuesday and main production on Thursday.

In Humanities the class have started studying India in more depth. With the use of the laptops, the children have been looking regions including West Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan.