Flying bananas!

Form 1 have enjoyed taking part in Science Week.

Using the whole school theme of transportation, the Channel Tunnel and bananas, I decided to buy 20 bananas for the children to use.

Once the children saw the huge pile of bananas, they started asking me what they were for and, of course, the opportunity was grabbed to get them thinking of some ideas. Their ideas started quite conventionally with things such as they were for making banana cakes, making banana sandwiches and even just everyone having a banana each to eat.

Soon they were suggesting that we could juggle with them, we could make a smiley face picture with them or even sit on them. This led others to say that they might get squashed or bruised which led us to talking about the banana cases that protect their snack bananas.

So then we started talking about how bananas get transported which included aeroplanes, boats, trains and lorries, the last two of which would involve going through the Channel Tunnel. Then we went outside to have a look for things like tunnels that could be used to move bananas around.

Wow! The children worked together to try out all different ways to move the bananas and went from sliding and rolling them down planks of wood and tubes to creating a see-saw structure that would launch a banana a considerable distance if someone stood on one end with a banana at the other.

Do look closely and see if you can spot the flying banana. After a lot of experimenting the children realised that the bananas were getting rather squashy and bruised. Once back inside the classroom the children decided that bananas definitely needed to be protected and they suggested clingfilm, paper, cardboard, a jumper, a snack box as well as bubble wrap but they decided by themselves that something hard would work the best. In fact - just like the banana cases that everyone uses!

You will see from the photographs that just before our bananas had taken flight, we also used them in our maths lesson to see how many ways we can split five objects to make different number sentences. It is quite amazing that, with just a little thought, the uses of any object can be various!