Who needs smartphones!

Form 2 have made telephones to investigate how sound travels

This week Form 2 made a string telephones to investigate how sound travels. They experimented with different lengths of string and tried using the telephone with taut and loose string to see what happened. On the same topic, they listened to many different sounds and guessed what they were.

In Maths they played an excellent game adding three numbers. They worked with a partner and rolled the dice to produce the numbers. The winner was the one with the most points.

In English the children had some excellent ideas on how they could help the environment. Many children thought it was a great idea to reduce plastic and recycle materials.

Our assembly went very well and the children spoke with confidence and sang beautifully. Well done Form 2!

Now that their cress is home, I would like the children to eat their cress with something original and take a photograph. Enjoy!