Wide smiles and new friends

What a lovely way to start the summer term!

It was wonderful to see the classroom brought back to life again on Wednesday morning, with squeaky clean children arriving in their new summer uniforms, with new haircuts and wide smiles, ready to settle back down into school life.

The children suddenly look so grown up and our new joiners, three of whom had birthdays over the holidays, keep reminding us that they are, "in Transition now"! Everyone has done a very good job at welcoming in new friends and showing them the ropes.

Much time has been spent exploring the classroom resources and embracing our outside area. Our new members of Transition have coloured in outlines of themselves and are remembering to post themselves carefully in our postbox each morning for self-registration. We have started working on a piece of collaborative art to brighten up the entrance lobby.

This week we enjoyed a big welcome in our Pre-Prep Assembly and an exciting music session with Mrs Bannister, exploring her new drum sets and sand blocks and learning new songs.

With fingers and wrists being given a full work-out using tongs in the Finger Gym and practising writing the letter m, while saying the 'mmmmm' sound, I am expecting reports of some very tired children by the weekend!