Caterpillars everywhere!

Such a very busy week in Nursery learning all about life cycles of butterflies. 

We welcomed our very own caterpillars to the class who are munching away and getting bigger by the day. 

Meanwhile, we've also been making our own caterpillars using lots of different materials. We started the week by making 'cress' caterpillars and beautiful symmetrical patterns on butterflies.

The children then set off on a walk to collect sticks to make a caterpillar. They looked at the different sizes and shapes, making comparisons. Then they made their own choices as to how they wanted to decorate their sticks, choosing a selection of pipe cleaners, beads, ribbons and wool. They are the prettiest caterpillars we have ever seen!

The children had great fun cutting and tasting the fruit which the Very Hungry Caterpillar enjoyed in the story. They drew fabulous pictures of caterpillars in their Special Books and carefully cut out pictures to represent the life cycle. The children were amazing showing their pictures and creations at our Pre-Prep assembly all about butterflies.

Of course we have been enjoying playing outdoors in the sunshine and the children were fascinated by a little snail we found in the watering can! This was followed by curling up like snails for our Yes we can song in music when the children also enjoyed exploring the sounds of the chime bars. 

Finally we all had fun sharing the Tummy Ache game, finding the yummy food and not the yucky food which would give us a tummy ache like the Hungry Caterpillar!