Introducing coding

Form 1 are discovering how to give commands to make computers do what they want.

Over the last two weeks we have had lots of fun introducing the children to basic coding. To make the process a little more clear to the children, they worked in pairs with one taking the steps and the other directing the movement across our paving slabs by taps on the right or left shoulder or on the back. The task was to reach the dinosaur on the other side of our garden.

Once this was successfully completed, we moved onto the laptops and, through simple coding, the children were able to make objects move across the screen in different directions, as well as making them disappear by clicking on them.

Wow! They were so good at this and have begun to realise, as one little boy explained, “We have to give computers commands to make them do things.”

Our investigations into recyclable materials has continued this week by using magnets to test various objects. The children were quite surprised to find that not all metal is attracted to a magnet such as soft drinks cans, which can in fact be recycled, as they are made of aluminium.

Not only did they have a thorough check of their classroom but walked around the school testing any likely objects. Thank you to Mrs Burness who kindly let the children loose in her office to see what they could find.

Magnetism is a magical subject for little ones, especially when finding out that rather a lot of paperclips can be picked up in one go. Fortunately for Mrs Burness the magnets proved very useful in clearing up her floor of any loose paperclips once we had moved on!