Diggers and dinosaurs

What a week in Nursery as the children explore diggers and dinosaurs!

Roaring, chomping, scooping and excavating has been happening in Nursery this week as the children learnt about diggers, dinosaurs and diggersaurs!

The children enjoyed creating their own dinosaurs using natural objects they found out and about on the paddock. There was lots of lovely concentration as the children added the sticks and stones to the clay to create spiky, teeth-baring dinosaurs.

Afterwards the children enjoyed watching the lambs playing in the field and picking the daisies. The children also organised a fabulous game of Duck Duck Goose! 

We made fossil playdough using coffee grounds and the children used their senses to smell and explore the different textures. They added dinosaurs, fossils and shells to create their own dinosaur land - Spiderman also made a guest appearance! The children looked at skeletons when they made dinosaur skeletons using bones and lots of glue and designed their own diggersaurs in their special books. 

The diggers and dinosaurs have been in abundance in the Nursery garden in the sand and mud, allowing the children to initiate their own ideas and demonstrating some lovely imaginative play.

Favourite activities this week have included dancing in the rain with umbrellas and filling the buckets with water using the hose pipe.