A colourful week

Colours have been everywhere in the Nursery this week.

Listening to the story of Grumpy Frog, the children have been thinking about their favourite colours. We made a chart to show the favourite colours of the class. Much to Grumpy Frog's disappointment, pink was one of our favourite colours but luckily for him so was his favourite colour, green!

The children explored colours in gloop and milk and they rolled marbles in paint to create lines and patterns. They added marbling inks to water and created inky colours on material for our Exploring Colours display. After picking flowers and leaves from the garden, the children used the mallets to press the flowers to make prints on the material of the pansies and chrysanthemums.

The story of Grumpy Frog also prompted talk about how we feel. We looked at the emotion stones to find lots of different faces which the children loved to make too! We talked about how it's ok to feel grumpy and how to think about how our friends are feeling too. We all agreed we love to be happy!

There was great excitement when we saw our caterpillars have cocooned and now we are eagerly waiting for them to become butterflies.

The children have used fabulous thinking skills to work out how to use our new water containers in the garden - amazing team work to help each other fill jugs and pots for water play.  

Mrs Sayers and I were treated to a fantastic show with dogs, musical instruments and singing! Fabulous children planning their learning!