Watch out for dinosaurs!

There's been a dinosaur theme running through Robins this week.

The children enjoyed our dinosaur activities in Robins this week. They made footprints in play dough and we spoke about different sizes - great for mathematical language. The children explored the various textures on our Dinosaur Interest table and we discovered which were meat or plant eating dinosaurs. The children also learnt some new words: herbivores and carnivores!

As Robins had so much fun making footprints in the play dough, we decided to make salt dough prints. The children used a variety of sizes, which they took home to air dry.

We have spent a lot of time outside, which is always great for the children's gross-motor development. They enjoyed spending time on the Pre-Prep equipment at Amber's House. They had so much fun and even sold ice-creams to Mrs Warner and Mrs Scarsi. 

It was assembly week for Robins and we showed some of our creations and also Wrinkles the Elephant. The Robins did a FANTASTIC job and spoke in front of all the other children - well done, Team Robins!

We ended the week with a lovely visit from Form 5 who read the story The Ugly Duckling and then enjoyed sharing some of the Robins' snacks.