Form 2 find the Gruffalos!

Form 2 have been hunting Gruffalos and shapes as well as measuring handspans this week.

The children searched high and low around the school for the missing Gruffalos. One Gruffalo had been very cheeky and crept into Mr McCarthy’s office to hide! Form 2 were delighted to find all the Gruffalos and return them safely to their rightful owners. A very good job completed. Well done, Form 2.

In Mathematics, the children have been learning about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Once again a search was conducted and many shapes were found in the classroom and around the school. The children named the shapes and discussed their properties.

In Science this week Form 2 measured their handspan and they found that Mrs Varley had the longest. We then placed the handspans in order according to the length and measured each one using a ruler.

A wonderful, successful week. Have a great weekend.