Making rainbows

Form 4 have been conducting experiments into light and shadows.

Apart from the steadily increasing anticipation and excitement for the Camp Out, Form 4 have been busy learning about light and shadows.

They began by trying to prove that light travelled in a straight line, using a torch, a target and three cards with holes in them. It took a some excellent teamwork to line all the pieces up to get the light to the target. Mr McCarthy even popped in to see what the excitement was about.

This got Form 4 thinking about what happens to the light that gets blocked by the card. Their next experiments involved looking at which materials absorbed light and which reflected them. They also used the ray boxes to reflect light in various directions and managed to make rainbows by carefully placing prisms in front of the light.

In Maths the children have been learning about perimeter and area and investigating the link between them. In Humanities, they have begun a new topic looking at Kenya.