Our branching databases

Form 3 have been out and about in the school grounds classifying trees.

In Science this week we have continued to explore the topic of classification and looked at the variety of trees growing in the grounds of the school. Form 3 explored the terms deciduous and evergreen and then looked at the differences and similarities of the leaves from trees.

They were able to classify the leaves according to features such as having one main vein, lots of veins, smooth leaf edge or prickly leaf edge. Once back in the classroom, the children sorted the leaves and created their own branching database.

Elsewhere, Form 3 have been continuing to enjoy their cricket lessons and have focused on developing their bowling and aiming skills. The children also took part in national Handstand Day on Wednesday (see below).

In Maths, the children have been consolidating and expanding their knowledge of 3D shapes and have been reporting back to me with their sightings of unusual real objects and their shape name.