Whose side are you on?

Form 6 have been assessing which side they would have supported in the English Civil War.

In their Humanities lessons, Form 6 have been studying the Stuart period of history. Over the last week or so, the children have begun to look at the Civil War. This has enabled them to consider the different sides and assess which they would have chosen. They then had to design a propaganda style poster to encourage others to join their side.

Later in the week, the children looked at the soldiers and specific battles. Working in pairs and with the aid of our Chromebooks, they were able to discover information which helped them understand how the forces of Parliament emerged victorious.

Next week heralds the start of the Poetry Live! competition internal heats, where the Form 6s will be reciting their poems by heart to their class. Part of English homework this weekend is to put the finishing touches to their performances. Remember, expression, volume, facial expressions and body language can all add to the performance of a poem. We are very much looking forward to hearing Form 6's poetry and the internal finalists will be announced at the end of the week.