What a naughty bus!

Such adventures with the Naughty Bus this week in Nursery!

The Naughty Bus has been driving through paint to make patterns, new colours and even hand prints. It accelerated through baked beans and visited Mrs Burness in the school office, careering all over her desk and cupboard!

The children made their own Naughty Buses by cutting out the people and counting them onto the numbered bus. 

In other news, the children have been learning about the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival. They looked at pictures on the computer and we made our own versions of moon cakes and beautiful Chinese lanterns.

The children went on a leaf hunt for the Autumn song we are learning with Mrs Bannister and found lots of wonderful colours and shapes of leaves. 

Of course we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine, playing together in the garden by making tea parties, picnics and barbeques!

In fact the children were so busy that myself and Mrs Sayers could not find them... until we spied lots of feet poking out of the children's den curtains on the wooden equipment!

We look forward to seeing you at our Harvest Festival next week.