The games we play...

Fun and games as usual in Form 1 this week - with lots of learning in the process!

This week has seen the children being involved in games that unintentionally seemed to be connected by being opposites.

As always, nothing beats a game to increase learning because all the children are doing is ‘just having fun’!

In Maths, the children concentrated on numbers and quantities that were more or less than each other. As a class we threw two dice and then tried to decide which dice had the more spots and which the less. Playing in pairs the children each threw a die and then built Unifix towers of the numbers on the dice and compared them by putting them beside each other to make a visual comparison to see who had thrown the biggest number.

The children’s thinking was then increased further by asking them to work out by how many more was the greater number than the smaller number.

Complex language made understandable by the visual aid of the cube towers and, of course, because it was a game with objects they could touch and move.

Naturally we then had to have a play of that famous TV game of Play Your Cards Right with our giant playing cards.

Another great game this week was to listen to questions that only had a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer and to then hold up a card with the correct word without speaking. (Possibly a game they will play with you again when they are teenagers?). Naturally smiles on faces and a unanimous ‘Yes’ resulted when I asked “Do you like ice cream?”.

It was also an opportunity for the children to take turns to stand at the front of the class and ask only a question that had a yes or no answer. They managed brilliantly - no mean feat if you are only little.

So when your little ones come home and tell you that they have been playing games all day, you know they are perfectly right!