Mood music

Can music create a mood? And what happens when you exercise? Form 3 investigate...

Form 3 have been busy this week carrying out lots of practical activities to support their learning. For example, in Music the children explored how a piece of music creates a mood. They listened to four different pieces of classical music and drew pictures to show how each piece made them feel or what the music made them think of.

They focused beautifully on the music and produced some fascinating sketches to accompany each piece. I was very impressed by the range of ideas and pictures they produced and the detailed explanations the children gave when sharing their pictures with the class.

In Science, Form 3 continue to learn about how to keep the body healthy. The class investigated how exercise can impact the body. They explored the effects that taking exercise has on different parts of the body and discovered that the heart rate increases, you may begin to perspire and that your skin may feel warm to the touch.

The class discussed why exercise is important for keeping healthy and which exercise they found the most vigorous. Back in the classroom, Form 3 summarised their findings and created posters to explain the effects of exercise on the body.

Form 3 continue to work hard in Mathematics where they have been exploring the concept of multiplication in a variety of forms such as repeated addition, arrays and the commutative law when multiplying.

In English the children are further developing their understanding of different word classes such as adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns and conjunctions.