Curiouser and curiouser

A mysterious letter was delivered to Form 3 this week.

Form 3 returned from half term with smiles on their faces and an eagerness to get back to school. They have been looking at the concept of fractions in Mathematics, discovering what a fraction is and how it can be represented pictorially and with physical objects, before moving on to the more abstract idea of a fraction of a number.

They've been putting their knowledge to good use when answering questions such as: Would you rather have one quarter or one third of a twelve-slice pizza?

During the week, the children discovered a mysterious letter had been delivered to the classroom from a rather unusual sender. The letter was from a lonely Yeti who has asked Form 3 to help him make some friends. We read The Yeti and Bird and now the class are planning to write a letter to the lonely Yeti.

Talk has also turned to Form 3’s Christmas play with the children beginning to learn the songs in their music lessons. They're very excited about what promises to be a wonderful play.