Fabulous Fruit and Fireworks!

Inspired by Handa's Surprise, the Nursery children have been creating their own stories this week.

The children have been investigating the different fruits from the story of Handa's Surprise this week including having lots of fun squeezing oranges and tasting the delicious juice, and peeling and tasting tangerines just like Handa and Akeyo!

There has been lots of lovely story telling with the animals and fruit using the story sack and the real fruit. There's been lots of laughter too at the giraffe picking up the pineapple with his long black tongue!

The children have been practising their cutting skills by cutting pictures of fruit to make their shopping lists. They made the animals beautiful homes using the play dough, sticks, pebbles and of course their favourite gem stones.

They also made African necklaces threading on wooden beads and then seeing whose was the longest, as well as estimating how many beads were on their necklaces - fabulous counting!

We all collected autumn leaves to make our very own bonfire picture with crunchy coloured leaves, sticks and, of course, lots of glitter! 

And finally, we are learning new songs for our Christmas nativity!