Art and Design

Enjoyment is an important element of art, craft and design at Russell House. The curriculum is structured so pupils develop skills in drawing, painting, printing, collage, textiles and design technology. They are encouraged to observe, investigate and record the world around them using a wide variety of techniques, styles, equipment and to incorporate ICT.

The children are introduced to a range of artists during their time at Russell House, including Turner, Constable, Riley, Cezanne, Rothko, Dali, Hockney, Picasso, Monet and Hokusai. From appreciating different styles and techniques, the children experiment with these techniques to create their own work.

Design activities involve the planning and construction of projects, sometimes working with wood and electric circuits. Activities may include creating an original board game with instructions and rules of play; constructing a model building with internal lighting; making a pop-up book, hand-made soft toy and Christmas decorations; or developing a model farm scene with a working gate and model animals; designing and sewing a personalised pencil case.

We regularly welcome artists into school to talk about their work and to run workshops focusing on painting styles and crafts.

Sketchbooks are used from Form 2 upwards which provide a record of the pupils’ learning and progress in art and design. Pupils’ work is proudly displayed around the school, celebrating achievement and providing a very visible demonstration of the range and quality of output.