We recognise the paramount importance of developing our pupils’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Developing a love of English is central to success across the curriculum; it enables pupils to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively. They learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as nonfiction and media texts.

Pupils gain an understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins. They can then use their knowledge of speaking and writing across a range of different situations. They are provided with a rich and stimulating language environment, where English skills are integrated and reinforced throughout the curriculum.

Access to a wide range of books in the library and class libraries introduces the children to key authors and poets, from home and abroad, and they enjoy beginning to see themselves as authors, considering their audience and creating their own books and virtual publications. Opportunities to research both online and through use of reference books and magazines allow pupils to develop presentation, time-management and collaborative learning skills.

Pupils become responsible for their own learning and, as part of a community, they are keen to communicate their ideas. As pupils mature, they grow in confidence, expressing their own opinions, but also appreciating others’ points of view. Older pupils enjoy sharing their knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm with younger pupils by working and reading with them.

The overarching aim of the English Department at Russell House is for each child to develop an appreciation of language so that they become self-motivated, cultured pupils, who take pleasure in literature and are able to communicate via a variety of media.

Typical highlights throughout the year:

  • Book Week
  • Theatrical productions
  • Speech and drama activities
  • Visiting authors and poets
  • Writing competitions 
  • Public Speaking Competition