At Russell House we are committed to developing children’s social and emotional skills, their self esteem, health and well-being. We help them to understand their responsibilities towards themselves, to others in school and to the local and global community.

Our Personal, Social and Health Education (which includes elements of Educating for Social Responsibility) encourages pupils:

  • To know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • To be aware of safety and risk.
  • To understand what makes for good relationships with others and to develop social skills to enable successful relationships with all members of their community.
  • To learn to respect and understand common humanity, diversity and differences.
  • To be independent and responsible members of the school, local and global community, and to gain an understanding of their role as citizens.
  • To find out about the main political and social institutions which affect their lives and to understand what it means to be positive and active members of a democratic society.
  • To develop self-confidence and self esteem.
  • To be able to make informed decisions about personal, social, physical, spiritual, moral and cultural issues.
  • To develop financial capability for future economic well-being.

The syllabus is structured to ensure continuity and progression. In the Main School, it is based around a programme of study approved by the PSHE Association. All classes from Form 2 upwards take part in the Sustainable School Education for Social Responsibility programme, dedicating a half term to the study of each allocated topic. 

Selected Highlights

Children take part in many activities including; Managing Friendships, Spending and Saving Money and being aware of and maintaining their own Mental Health. In addition, Form 7 enjoys a rich and varied Leavers Programme which includes activities such as Safety in Action, First Aid and Life Skills (which is an introduction to issues of puberty). The Eco-committee takes responsibility for the school recycling scheme, run in conjunction with Sevenoaks District Council. Forms 6 and 7 ensure that our hens are looked after, eggs collected and sold to parents and staff. Forms 2 - 6 are involved in growing vegetables that are harvested and enjoyed by the whole school for their lunch.

Russell House is involved in an exciting project bringing education to a remote community in Nepal. We funded the construction of the school building from scratch and are now supporting school operations. We also support a variety of charities through regular initiatives and events in school.