An understanding of the nature of Science and acquisition of scientific knowledge are important for life in a technological, modern society.

Our aim is to deliver the subject in a largely practical way in which the pupils undertake various projects, activities and investigations to find reliable answers to questions about the world around them, to solve problems and to understand the need to take care of the environment.

The curriculum is a broad and balanced study of aspects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology with appropriate reference to the Humanities. It makes use of mathematical skills and computing to analyse results, search for information and present ideas to others.

We encourage pupils to take an interest in current scientific news. In addition to scientific knowledge and method, the department aims to encourage independence, collaboration, curiosity, open-mindedness, perseverance, responsibility and the ability to self-assess.

The development of scientific language, practical techniques, communication skills and self confidence are important at every stage of a pupil’s scientific education at Russell House.

Selected Highlights:

  • Our modern Science Centre allows pupils to explore science through practical activities with a focus on ‘becoming a scientist’.
  • Our school grounds offer much to investigate, in particular our Farm where children are learning the value of looking after chickens, growing their own food and life-cycles of that harvest, ‘mini-beast’ safaris including those attracted to our pond, and the physics of play equipment.
  • Our enthusiastic Eco-committee works hard to ensure that the school grounds are as eco-friendly as possible and put together ideas of ways for all the children to enjoy our facilities, while being mindful of our impact on the environment.
  • We have outings to the Science Museum and Horton Kirby for environmental days out, and to Kent Life. We also have visits from the outreach program of various Science Centres and health professionals.