Sticks, pics and pancakes

With a visit from an author, a bookmark hunt and building houses for little pigs, Nursery have had a super week.

There has been lots of huffing and puffing in Nursery as we have tried to blow down the little pigs houses! We started the week by going on a stick hunt around school. We then used the sticks to make stick houses. It was also an opportunity for the children to explore length as they found three sticks of a similar size and then wound the string around to secure them together.

The children also made stick houses with play dough and sticks and they designed fantastic houses for Peppa Pig using the wooden bricks. They drew fabulous pictures of the Three Little Pigs in their Special Books and played the game of the three little pigs by counting spots on the dice and hoping the pigs did not land on the picture of the big bad wolf!

The farm pigs played and rolled in the mud and were washed in the bubbly water - the outdoor chairs had a spring clean this week too! The children developed their cutting skills by making stick puppets of the characters and they retold the story using the masks in the garden. They played What's the Time Mr Wolf? with some very scary wolves and excited little piggies!

One of the highlights this week was the visit from the author Sophy Henn. The children were delighted with the story telling and they drew some amazing pictures with Sophy of Pom Pom the Panda who was a very grumpy bear in the story! 

We had a lovely World Book Day with a parade around the school in our costumes and we went on a scavenger bookmark hunt too! And finally, amid all the excitement of Book Week, we also managed to squeeze in some pancakes!